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Leaks from stucco?
Selling your home?
Home inspection report?
Discolored stucco?
Cracked stucco?
Stucco flaking off?
Windows leaking?
Water damage?

At Stucco Solutions, repairs are all we do and we do them right!

Particular areas of your stucco house show signs of exposure and deterioration more than others, such as chimneys, parapets, house corners, window corners and under canales. Water splashes on the ground and then back on the bottom of the house walls. Over time, the stucco deteriorates and starts to crumble and falls off. We call this spalling. These areas can be repaired without having to restucco the entire wall.

At Stucco Solutions, our technicians are trained exclusively in repairing stucco. A good professional stucco repair is hard to detect from the original stucco. This is not an easy task, because the repairs must be flat (no ridges), the texture must match the existing texture and pattern, and the color must match and blend with the existing stucco.

Stucco Solutions uses the best materials in the industry. We always use acryllic modifiers when doing repairs to ensure quality and long-lasting results. We repair natural and sythetic or elastomeric stucco.

Stucco Solutions guarantees all of our work. Customer satisfaction is extemely important to us. Referrals available upon request. We are members of the Better Business Bureau.

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